You know the pain of a bad process - the questions without answers, the powerlessness, the interminable waiting.
You’re haunted by the specter of the very worst kind of process - that which doesn’t get you the desired results.

Why did you do ALL THAT WORK?

This time around, you can do better. You are too smart to repeat the same mistakes.

BE A HERO to yourself and to your colleagues.

Build an efficient and effective process with the end in mind.
Don’t wander down a dirt trail to an uncertain result.
Know your destination and build a clear path to success.

You can do it. I can help.

Create Contracts

Turn your “we all know the rules” sales contract process into a fully documented, rules-based system to minimize training, compliance, and auditing issues.

Manage Changes

Reduce confusion and increase engagement by properly documenting and reviewing change plans.

Document Approvals

Coordinate approvals across teams to reduce process wait times and accelerate business outcomes.

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.
— W. Edwards Deming