Shelly Larrimore, Your Guide

Shelly Larrimore, Your Guide

You know your business. I know people and processes.

My goal is to enable you to achieve your wildest dreams by redirecting your efforts from your process to your passion.

I have many years of experience with customer service, sales operations, business operations, and R&D processes.

B.S. Psychology, UMBC
M.B.A., Chapman University
L.S.S.G.B., Arizona State University

A few examples of my work:

I helped a sales team analyze and represent their SKU catalog, invoices, and customer profiles for the transition to billing through SAP. We also mapped the lead management and contract management processes for the transition to Salesforce CRM and BigMachines.

I worked with help desk, implementations, integrations, account and project management, and development teams to create a change management process in SugarCRM and JIRA (later moved to Salesforce) for changes to client production systems that successfully coordinates internal and client resources to reduce downtime and improve the client experience.

I built a Confiforms process with multiple, integrated forms, tracking licenses, software, and intended use to support a new open source software approval policy and published all related documentation and training.